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The Liebster award

My little blog I write in my spare time as a hobby has been nominated for an award! *insert shock face emoji*. I am so grateful and this has definitely given me much needed confidence to carry on and shows that people actually enjoy reading my posts, which is all I want. I would like to thank the wonderful ehadventures (Twitter:elliennguyenn) for the nomination and highly recommend her blog!. We have only been talking recently and she is great, I can already tell through the work that goes into her blog she is going to go far plus, she is a lovely person so check out her blog and you will not be disappointed!.
The Liebster award is a virtual award that is given to bloggers by bloggers. Its aim is to support bloggers in the blogging community, promote blogs, help people form interactions and most importantly it is a bit of fun. There are 11 questions written by the blogger who you are nominated by and once answered I will create 11 new questions for the bloggers I tag. I love the idea…

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