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Spring scents

I have an obsession with sweet fresh fragrances and I have been wearing both these perfumes for years now. I must admit the fact their packaging is beautiful, pink and girly does have something to do with the fact of why I love them both so much, I still adore both the scents.

The fact they look cute on my dressing table and go with my rooms aesthetic is just a bonus!.

The daisy marc Jacobs I have is 75 ml and was priced at £44.00 (I am aware that different stores can have different prices). It was originally given to me for my 16th birthday and I loved the scent right away, it is described as the 'perfect spring scent' and I actually agree with this however I also wear it all year round.

The chanel Coco mademoiselle was a gift I received for my 18th birthday I also fell in love with this perfume instantly and it is a much stronger scent than the marc Jacobs. I was also just given a new bottle for my 20th birthday which is why it has hardly been used it is the 35 ml and is p…

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